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In 2013 Peru surpassed Colombia as the world’s biggest cocaine producer. Why did this happen when peace talks were still ongoing between the government and FARC rebels? In September, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime released its annual report on global coca and cocaine production, revealing that 60,400 hectares were planted in Peru in 2014 and that the country is now capable of producing up to 300 tons of cocaine. Colombia recorded just 48,000 hectares and produced 309 tons of the drug. Peruvian cocaine.

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Pure Peruvian Cocaine For Sale California. In a sense, the United Nations numbers were more of a validation than a revelation. When Peru was ranked first in 2010, the United States government said that Peru had taken over the top spot. This was actually a return to the dark days of Peru, which in 1992 had produced 60% of the world’s cocaine, but that changed when then president Alberto Fujimori started shooting down planes carrying coca base to the Colombian cocaine labs, and the drug traffickers in the Medellin and Cale Cartel began promoting the growing of coca in Colombia, which by 2000 had an estimated 163,00 hectares of the leaf under production compared to an estimated 43.4 thousand hectares for Peru. Pure Peruvian Cocaine For Sale California.

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